Taking the Formulas

The answer is water. More, No Fool I, Master Formula II, RAANOW and Cesium Carbonate are all provided in powder form and are principally mixed in water.

ELE is a capsule.

MoRE, No Fool I, Master Formula II and RAANOW can be mixed by the drink typically using an 8 oz. or 10 oz. table glass or pre-mixed in a large container. The number of servings is completely up to you and since these products have no side effects you can take several servings without risk. Most members will start out taking one or less than one serving at first to allow the body to get used to have so much quality material. Some of our members have experienced loose stools as the body releases garbage and toxins it has been trying to extract value from.

For best results and maximum absorption, the products should be taken in separate digestive sessions. For example – If you were to take No Fool I in the morning with breakfast you would wait at least 2 hours before taking one of the other products, because food generally requires 1 ½ to 2 hours for digestion. Another example would be – If you were to take RAANOW as a drink without food, you would wait at least 45 minutes before taking one of the other products, because drinks without food generally require 30 to 45 minutes for digestion.

Taking RAANOW and No Fool I together will diminish the effectiveness of the RAANOW.

The products offered by Ask Insider Doctors are natural and have no fillers or flavorings added. It can take some getting used to the flavor or earthiness of the products because they are designed to give your body what it needs for maximum benefit. AID products are not made for superficial taste.

Remember, you can always further dilute your product, if the taste of the product is too strong, you can add more water or a you can add a juice, like pure lemon juice. Just about any un-sweetened juice is good.

All products may be taken with or without food and can be taken any time of day. You can come up with your own best way and schedule to take the products.

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