Kim’s Bio

Welcome to my website.  I’m Kimberly and I promote alternative and natural health options. The opinions given on the this website are just that:  My Opinions. But they are based upon  sources about which you should become familiar. I’ll show you how. As this site develops I hope you enjoy it,  find useful and even vital tips, and, of course,  keep coming back.

Ken and I have been interested in our natural health since 2007.  We went along like most people, thinking we were doing okay with our health.  We generally eat well and did get some exercise in.  At least we thought we did.  Then we bought Kevin Trudeau’s book “Natural Cures”.  That was a wake up call.

My husband read the book first and then I did.  We did make a lot of changes that the book suggested.  We started eating organic and using “organic” products.  We also looked and tried different “vitamins”. Most were expensive and we weren’t sure how well they were helping us.

If you have any question about either company. Please contact me. I’m easy to get a hold of, so do give me a call or email me.


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